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The Animation Review Checklist

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We’re here to help you navigate the revision check list so we can move forward together and hit our deadlines and budgets.

Checking and making changes in the proper order can help save time in production and you wallet from costly late changes.


As the backbone to our visual story, our script is important to get right – if we make changes to this late in the game, part of the visuals might break.

1. Does this tell my story?


Your story should feel complete without adding a lot of specific details. Consider this a high-level piece that can be supported with a website, brochures, email blasts, events and mailers. We’ll place a call to action at the end of the video to drive interested viewers to the next stop on their journey.

2. Does the script make sense and walk the viewer from point A to point B, clearly and effectively?

There is no backtracking, no repeats, no long sections of meaningless fluff that doesn’t support our narrative or help build an impact.

3. Does this fit the brand voice and tone?

You know your brand better than anyone, let us know if your video sounds like something the brand would say in the way you’d say it.

Storyboards / Concept Boards

1. Is this in brand (enough)?

A lot of brands don’t have specific brand requirements for animation and video, we still want to make sure that we’ve covered the brand and have not stepped outside of the box too much.

2. Do the graphics spark joy?

Art is very subjective, everyone has different opinions. If something feels off, doesn’t look right, or is confusing these are great points to bring up. If you’re having a hard time deciding if you like a graphic, bring it to a colleague and ask them for their thoughts and see if it aligns with yours – then you might be onto something.

3. Do the graphics look correct?

Sometimes the boards look a bit different in terms of details than the final piece. Regardless, if we’re showing a complicated process that requires accuracy, let’s check for that here and make sure everything is as accurate as our selected style allows.

Animation Round 1

Round 1 is a little rough around the edges, but it’s growing into a beautiful masterpiece. This phase is usually the accuracy phase – here is what to look for:

1. Do you have a product? Does it look and behave correctly?

If it’s 3D, the final “look” may not be there, but the models are. If a product rotates 30 degrees, but the video shows 50 degrees – let’s call that out. Is it missing any pieces? Maybe the scale is too large or small compared to the environment?

2. Are your brand guidelines being followed?

We have to get a little creative to make things work on screen, and that may not always work for your brand. Check in with your brand team to see if they have any comments about line thickness, line caps, copy placement, text treatment and so on.

3. Does it feel right?

You know that gut feeling that tells you when something is off. It can be an object movement, a camera movement, a transition, the speed is too fast or too slow, or the graphics are stale. Listen to your gut and tell us how it makes you feel.

4. Does the music fit?

The music should match the overall feeling you're trying to convey. Is it the right tone you're wanting to set? Is it happy enough? Serious enough? Fast enough? Techno, jazz, and classical music all give off very different moods. Let's verify that the music is what is best for the video.

Animation Round 2

It’s smoothing out, getting more details and moving along.

1. Were the updates made? Does it look and feel right?

Were any proposed updates/edits given to us correctly applied to the video? We want to make sure we've applied any changes you wished to make to earlier builds.

2. The on-screen copy spelled correctly?

Spelling errors are one of those little things that can completely unravel your message. It seems unprofessional in a finished product, so let's make absolutely sure we have all the spelling/grammar correct to remove any mistakes.

3. Does the audio level sound good?

Is the music overpowering the narration? Can we not hear the sound effects well enough? Audio mixing is so complicated it has more than one Oscar category for it, and we want to get it right. Is the video's audio understandable and pleasing to the ears?

Final Proofing

1. Triple checked on-screen copy is spelled correctly?

This is the last chance to make these edits before the video is finalized, so let's make absolutely sure we didn't use the wrong "there/their/they're." These are simple, silly mistakes that are no big deal to fix, but can affect the video's performance once realized. Let's triple check to avoid that!

2. Are there any frame stuttering, black frames, flickering, glitches and file errors?

Does the video have any kind of visual mistakes? We want the best looking video possible for you, so let's make sure there's no glitches, stutters, or other file errors. We want the finalized release to go as smoothly as possible!