Why We Don’t Do Everything ‘In-House’

Kirk Loftin

               Agencies love to promise that they’ll do everything ‘in-house’. It may sound good in their promotional materials, but it’s not a very realistic or practical claim. Many of the agencies that promise ‘in-house’ work still outsource,because they either don’t have enough staff for the job, or they don’t have the required specialized talent on-hand. But for the half that does, imagine having to pay a full-time salary for talent to only use them three months out of the entire year. The higher overhead costs transfers to the clients, leading to losing out to more efficient competitors.

               When we hear the word “outsourcing,” we usually think of greedy corporations shutting down American jobs and opening factories in third world countries where they pay pennies for wages. Only the most heartless of Scrooges like that idea. Now what if I told you that outsourcing doesn’t always mean a morally bankrupt money grab? What if there was a different way to go about it?

               At Ctrl Shift VFX, we don’t outsource, we ‘scoutsource’. We network, attend creative meetings, and we joined the Houston chapter of AIGA to meet and scout the best possible people to work with us. We also reach out to old proven co-workers and collaborators to form a list of highly qualified, local, and reliable talent.This scouting we do gets the best possible talent to help on projects. This kind of local outsourcing helps promote local talent from our community while still getting the same great results that you love from us.

               When we ‘scoutsource’, we learn more about these talented folks, their passions, their dream jobs, and what they excel at to form a selectable list of talent that organizes them for specific jobs they’ll seem tailor-made for. When a job comes along that requires specialized talent, rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we’re not limited and can ‘scoutsource’ the best talent to assist us for the job at hand. This gives us potentially unlimited possibilities for skilled talent while keeping us affordable and competitive in our field.

               We greatly value our freelancers, and fully integrate them into our pipeline. They join us for meetings and creative briefs, and they get the full hands-on experience working alongside our permanent staff. When issues arise, they work directly with our directors to troubleshoot problems and develop a well-thought-out timeline for completion.

               Rather than try an impress in our marketing with unrealistic talk of doing everything‘in-house,’ Ctrl Shift VFX promises to professionally accomplish your company’s needs using the best people available, offering specialized, skilled talent that can craft your idea into a finished campaign supervised by our experienced and award-winning team of directors, using the most modern technology and styles at an affordable price.

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