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6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence With Video 

Why LinkedIn?

As a fellow human being living in 2020, chances are you’re “on LinkedIn.”

Like Dolly Parton, you’re also probably trying your darndest to put your best face forward. 


Just in case you need a quick refresher on the Microsoft-owned social media site, here’s the lowdown:

LinkedIn is a social media platform dedicated to professionals. It’s more formal than Facebook and more long-form than Twitter. In other words, less home videos, politics, and one-liners and more workplace stories, recruiting, and thought leadership, often in the form of posts and blogs. 

What kinds of things do people post on LinkedIn?

In many cases, your content is competing with ambitious entrepreneurs and marketing specialists who can create killer social content in their sleep. However, great video can compete with the best of the best. Because frankly, people are lazy and typing is easier than filming, editing, designing, animating, adding special effects, rendering, need we continue? Additionally, most people don’t realize how much more ROI (return on investment) they can get on LinkedIn from consistent, well-produced video content.

Everyone on LinkedIn right now:

Homer Simpson Fashion GIF

Why does video work on LinkedIn?

In a sea of text (and scarce emojis), colors and movement stand out. If you’re connected with even one 3D animator on LinkedIn, you’ll find yourself pausing mid-scroll to check out every new render they upload to LinkedIn. Now, 3D doesn’t make sense for everyone, but motion graphics and live interview videos can give you the same pop. According to LinkedIn Marketing Content, video is 5x more likely than other types of content to start a conversation among members. In addition, LinkedIn members spend almost 3x more time watching video ads compared to time spent with static Sponsored Content.

Here’s a great example of a 3D rendering post that demands attention. (We even stopped for long enough to turn the sound on!)


What types of video should I post on LinkedIn?

As always, it depends on what you’re selling, where you’re selling it, and who you’re selling to. 

There’s good, better, and best LinkedIn video for every business at any given time, depending on your company’s marketing goals. These are a few of what we’ve found to be the most effective video formats for LinkedIn:

  1. Product Demo Video

About to launch a new product? Photos are worth a thousand words, but they don’t always do your product justice. 3D, 360 renderings on the other hand, do. A great 3D product demo video will have LinkedIn users stopping mid-scroll.

  1. Case Study Video

Show off a project you’re proud of with deep-dive video that takes viewers through your unique approach while emphasizing the end results. 

  1. Anniversary Videos

In celebration of our second birthday, we actually just created one of these for ourselves. People love celebrating people. Work-iversaries and year-in-review videos are a great way to promote company culture and attract top talent on LinkedIn. 

  1. Testimonials

We’re now living in the Review Economy. Think about how much power Amazon, Google, and Rotten Tomato ratings have on whether or not a product, local business, or movie succeeds. Video testimonials are like 5-star reviews on steroids, a must-have marketing piece for today’s businesses.

  1. Webinars

Everyone’s an expert at something. Give back to your network with a free “How-To” video on LinkedIn. Not only is this a great way to show off your skills, it’s also a great way to establish trust and build lasting relationships. Feel free to reference our latest Video Lesson on LinkedIn to give you ideas on how to execute your first LinkedIn webinar. 

  1. Explainer Video

Explain why your SaaS or other service is the best in 60 seconds. Now do it in a way that LinkedIn viewers will actually watch to the end. In the age of endless free video content, that’s hard. We can help you keep your product messaging and overall branding succinct and engaging from beginning to end. 

Last words of LinkedIn advice: some LinkedIn influencers simply copy and paste other’s content without giving credit, which is #lame. Don’t give in to this tactic. Cite your sources, be authentic, and own your brand. Strategically driven original content will set you up for sustainable growth you can own forever. 

If you need some help getting started with video, on LinkedIn or elsewhere, shoot us a message or connect with us on LinkedIn. We’re always available to answer questions, swap stories, and share video advice. Good luck out there, fellow LinkedIners. You got this. :)

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6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence With Video 

Why LinkedIn? As a fellow human being living in 2020, chances are you’re “on LinkedIn.”Like Dolly Parton, you’re also probably trying your darndest to put your best face forward. 

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How to Make More Time

Time is a lot of things. It’s a Pink Floyd song, the fourth dimension (except maybe not), and a finite resource (unlike money, which there are ways to make more of). You are allotted 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for as many years as you’re alive (sorry to be depressing). You can’t buy more time, can’t craft more of it at home, can’t borrow it from someone else. The only way to “make” more time is to better manage the time that you have.

What Kind of Video Do You Need?

Often, bosses will come in with an idea: let’s make a video! And...that’s it. That’s the end of their idea, but there’s so much more to it. Knowing precisely what kind of video you need helps tremendously to actually get it done. Not every video is equal. If you want proof of this, just look at the filmography of John Travolta (sorry Mr. Travolta).

How to Start a Project

We’ve all been there: staring at the blank sheet of paper with no idea how to start. There’s a massive project, but where do you even begin? Sure, twirling in your chair eating Goldfish crackers for an hour was a nice distraction, but that doesn’t mean you’re any closer to the project being done. I’m going to use writing as my main example, but the concepts can be applied to almost any kind of project. 

Should You Include Audio in Your Video?

Videos are made up of two main components: the visuals and the audio. But, in a time where auto-play videos are muted on social media, what’s the best way to effectively use audio in your videos so that your message isn’t lost on mute, but is improved when included? How do you know which options are right for you to use for audio in your video content?

Don't Be a Jerk or: Ethics in the Workplace

It can be tricky sometimes to navigate the business world and stay completely ethical. Maybe you found out a piece of information no one else knows that you can use to your advantage. Maybe you don’t correct your boss’s incorrect assumption about a co-worker who’s also up for a promotion you’re trying to get. Maybe you stay on the clock after you’re done with work to answer Facebook messages. Keeping a strong sense of personal ethics is more than just not stealing from the company (which is also a no-no), it’s about being honest and doing what’s right in all aspects of business.

The Universal Appeal of Video

What makes video such a powerful medium? Why is it that even small toddlers natively understand videos? Why are “how-to” videos more popular than “how-to” books? Why are movies and television more popular than radio or novels? They’re easy for any human to comprehend, even children that can barely talk seem to just absorb Elmo videos (over and over and over and over again). Every single day, 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube.

The Why of Marketing

If there’s one universal truth about marketers, it’s this: we’re all trying to sell something. It might be a shiny new product, a service to a business, or a political candidate, but it’s all about sales, right? Not quite, because marketers need to understand it’s not just about selling something. Understanding what your audiences really want is vital to your success. 

Avoiding Some Common Writing Mistakes

Not everyone in the business world studied English in college. In fact, I think it’s safe to assume most didn’t. Unless you’re a writer, editor, or just have a random passion for grammar, it’s likely that once you slogged your way through Macbeth and To Kill a Mockingbird (or at least watched the movie versions or skimmed the Sparknotes), you felt free. Because of this, the professional world is rife with grammatical errors, misspellings, and other things that make English teachers’ brains twitch.